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Cruz Loma

  • origin
  • ecuador

  • tastes like
  • stone fruit

  • caramel

  • lemon ice tea

  • processing
  • honey

Cruz Loma is a family-run, award-winning farm that has been producing coffee for over 20 years. It is only in the last 6 years that it started focusing on specialty coffee. Galo Morales is a former technician for Caravela, where he gained much-valued experience which is now focused on his coffees and farm. Along with his wife, Maria Alexandra, they run a pioneering farm in Ecuador!

Cruz Loma has been well-awarded for their efforts and contributions to specialty coffee. Some of their accolades include 1st place in Taza Dorada 2021 and 3rd place in Cup of Excellence 2022.

This honey processed Caturra starts by being handpicked between the months of May and July. It is then pulped and fermented in GrainPro bags for 24 hours. The coffee then undergoes controlled drying on African raised beds until the desired humidity of 11% is reached. Before the coffee is ready to ship it is finished off with a stabilization period of 4-6 weeks.

In the cup, you can expect notes of stone fruit, caramel, and lemon ice tea!

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Espresso250 gram whole coffee beans
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€ 21,50
Espresso1000 gram whole coffee beans
€ 42,00
Filter250 gram whole coffee beans
€ 11,50
Filter500 gram whole coffee beans
€ 21,50
Filter1000 gram whole coffee beans
€ 42,00

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  • country
  • ecuador
  • farm
  • finca cruz loma
  • producer
  • galo morales
  • alexandra morales
  • region
  • pichincha
  • altitude
  • 1450 masl
  • variety
  • caturra

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