Fabio ‘leo’ Garcia (Filter)

  • Origin
  • Colombia
  • Pitalito
  • Tastes like
  • floral
  • Red apple
  • round
  • Processing
  • anaerobic
  • ethiopian sidra
  • lactic


Farm                      Lord Baltimore

Producer               Fabio Leonardo Garcia

Country                 Colombia

Micro Region      Pitalito

Altitude                 1800masl

Variety                  Ethiopian Sidra landrace

Processing           Lactic Anaerobic

Leo Garcia’s coffee has quite the story. The farm itself was bought with coffee already on it and when it was purchased Leo was assured the quality of the coffee was high and that they would be able to sell it at a reasonable price. On purchasing the farm they Leornardo and his brother Deiro were told the farms name was actually Lord Voldemort as the previous owner loved the Harry Potter books. Deiro mistook this for Baltimore and erected a new sign which would herald the start for the brothers at the finca Lord Baltimore.

Last year when they had surprise guests, the team from La Palma y El Tucan. They were impressed with the quality and flavour in the cup profile of Leonardo’s coffee and suggested that he send it to the world coffee research lab for the genetics to be tested. Mostly because it had geisha like qualities but the trees themselves were clearly not green or bronze tip geisha. During transport of this coffee the results came in and were extremely surprising. WCR narrowed down the genetics of the plants being a direct transplant from somewhere in Sidama Ethiopia and have progeny linked to Sidra. Technically this is not ‘Sidra’ the variety that was brought into the world by Nescafe and planted into Ecuador but rather a Landrace that has similar qualities of both Sidra and Geisha making it a very special cup of coffee.

When it comes to the processing and production of this coffee Deiro and Leonardo put in a lot of work. They work in tandem with a microbiologist that specialises in yeasts and bacteria’s. As a team they’ve made some amazing steps on the farm which include a naturally occurring yeast lab where they’ve catalogued all of the yeasts on their farm from coffee to fruits and vegetables they also grow. They also have a well managed fermentation process which was divided between them and the Microbiologist. It comes in two stages, the first being standard whole cherry fermentation where the cherry is put into airlocked tanks flushed with carbon dioxide and fermented for around 44 hours (generally they wait until the airlock gas expulsion is complete to decide on where fermentation will be ended). The second step is pulping the coffee and returning it to the tanks again to process it with a Lactic Acid that they produced on their own farm.

The result is a pretty incredible coffee, there are floral elements like jasmine and honeysuckle which are from the Ethiopian influence. Also the terroir comes in towards the end of the cup as it cools, more like red apples and elements of lactic and malic acid are present. We are extremely lucky to have the entirety of this lot and we hope you love it as much as we do.

This will be the last time this coffee will be sold as Fabio ‘Leo’ Garcia. While the lot was on the water Leo was in an accident and unfortunately passed away. So here’s to you Leo, thank you for bringing such an incredible coffee into the world.


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anaerobic, ethiopian sidra, lactic


fabio 'leonardo' garcia


round, floral, Red apple


ethiopian sidra


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