Shady Bader (Filter)

  • Origin
  • Colombia
  • Tolima
  • Tastes like
  • buttery
  • Orange blossom
  • Persimmon
  • Processing
  • Java
  • Natural


Farm                      El Vergel

Producer               Shady and Elias Bader

Country                Colombia

Micro Region      Tolima

Altitude                 1700masl

Variety                 Java

Processing            Natural

We are thrilled to be releasing another Colombian coffee for the end of the year and this one comes by way of Shady and Elias Bader. The story of the two brothers beginning in coffee is quite unusual. Their farm El Vergel was primarily a vegetable farm prior to entering the coffee world. Around ten years ago Elias expressed interest in segregating a portion of their farm to try and grow coffee. Interestingly enough somehow Elias got his hands on some incredibly unique coffee saplings.

To name a few, they have the original 3rd generation unstable el Salvadorian pacamara which is incredibly rare to see anywhere other than El Salvador. They have geisha which has been sorted and identified with natural mutations including bronze and green tip leaves (both of which have differing cup profiles). And of coarse, they have this Java which in itself is a second or third mutation from the original Java variety identified in Indonesia.

Java itself is incredibly rare in Colombia and you be more likely to find it widespread in other Central American countries such as Peru after the mass extinction of coffee in Colombia in the early 20th century. El vergels Java is probably one of the most unique and exemplary Java’s we here at MCR have ever tasted. When drinking a cup of this coffee it resonates for us the same way as any masterfully harvested and processed coffee and is an absolute joy to drink.

Expect notes of orange blossom, persimmon and a buttery mouthfeel. This cup is extremely sweet and almost leaves the mouth feeling like you’ve had 1:1 sugar syrup.

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El Vergel






Java, Natural


Shady Bader


buttery, Orange blossom, Persimmon




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