Silvio Gomez (Filter)

  • Origin
  • Colombia
  • Pitalito
  • Tastes like
  • Clean
  • darjeeling tea
  • White Roses
  • Processing
  • Geisha
  • Washed


Farm                      El Mirador

Producer               Silvio gomez Chaux

Country                 Colombia

Micro Region      Pitalito

Altitude                 1700masl

Variety                  Green tip Geisha

Processing           Washed

We’re happy to release an absolute exemplary washed Colombian Geisha by way of Silvio Gomez. The story of Silvio’s coffee is quite something, he inherited his land for coffee growing from his father who invested 20,000 pesos into 50 hectares of farm land in the 40’s. The land was then split between Silvio and his eight siblings. What makes this geisha so unique is that Silvio only has a total of 1 hectare of land, a really small farm which he tends to himself.

Silvio is also an older producer with humble ambitions, during the last COE in Colombia he didn’t make it past the first round but hopes that in the future he can simply make the top 10. Personally we believe that Silvio’s Geisha gene stock is excellent, it’s very close in profile to the original Petersons green tip geisha it was propagated from. Expect notes of darjeeling tea, white roses with a clean juicy mouthfeel.

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1700 masl


Pitalito, Colombia


El Mirador




Geisha, Washed


Silvio Gomez Chaux


Clean, darjeeling tea, White Roses


1000 g, 250 g, 500 g