Ze Claudio (filter)

  • Origin
  • Brazil
  • Mate de Minas
  • Tastes like
  • maraschino cherry
  • orange zest
  • Vanilla
  • Processing
  • anaerobic
  • catuai 144
  • Natural


Farm                     Ze Claudio JS

Producer             Jose Claudio

Country                Brazil

Micro Region       Inpahim

Altitude                 700masl

Variety                  Catuai 144

Processing           12 day anaerobic natural

The story of this lot of coffee actually starts when Ze Claudio left home at 18. His plan was to move to Sao Paulo and save up enough money to move to Portugal and then use the capitol to return to his hometown of Inpahim and start a farm of his own. In the late 2000’s Jose made this a reality, coming back to Brazil and buying his first 3 Hectare farm. At first he was only interested in growing vegetables, coffee at the time (and in that region specifically) was not widely grown and generally scoffed at with its low altitude. Around this time is when he met Inacio Soares at a farming summit. The two of them discussed the potential for invigorating the production of coffee farming and what it would take to excel in Brazilian coffee. With Inacio’s guidance, and the help of his whole family, this is Jose’s very first lot of specialty grade coffee. It doesn’t disappoint either, as with how we feel with almost all of the coffees from the JS project coffees. The cup profile is excellent and a prime example of what hard work from picking to processing can achieve even at low altitudes. Expect notes of orange zest, vanilla and maraschino cherry.

Expect notes of orange zest, vanilla and maraschino cherry.

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1700 masl




Mate de Minas




anaerobic, catuai 144, Natural


maraschino cherry, orange zest, Vanilla


1000 g, 250 g, 500 g