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Duberney Cifuentes

  • origin
  • colombia

  • tastes like
  • bergamot

  • melon

  • cherry sherbet

  • processing
  • washed

Duberney Cifuentes is a producer we're so excited to bring onto our offerlist, and there isn't a better coffee to do it with than this washed Geisha!

Duberney started his coffee-growing journey 8 years ago with a mindset directed toward quality. He set out growing varietals such as Caturra, Maragogype, and Geisha. In 2018, all Duberney's hard work got all its well-deserved recognition by winning 2nd place in the Cup of Excellence with his washed Geisha. His success has continued to flourish by earning a 7th and 9th place finish in the 2022 Cup of Excellence with this specific Geisha we're bringing to you!

The key to success for this washed Geisha is a combination of terroir, genetics, and most importantly, the drying process. The terroir where this coffee is grown has an ideal microclimate. It is surrounded by snowy mountains, volcanic soils, and rested soils. The processing of this coffee is what completes the circle and brings this Geisha to life.

Once the coffee has been washed it is laid to dry on a roof with 100% shade and dried naturally by the wind. Doing this allows for very slow drying (about 40 days). The result speaks for itself. A clean and authentic Geisha you will not forget.

You can expect notes of bergamot, cherry sherbet, and melon.

  • country
  • colombia
  • farm
  • la españa
  • producer
  • Duberney Cifuentes
  • region
  • tolima
  • altitude
  • 1780masl
  • variety
  • geisha

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