Shipping and delivery

When can I expect my delicious coffee?
Our Roastery operates on business days (from Monday to Friday from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM excluding local Dutch holidays). Any order placed before 09:00 will be roasted, hand-packed and sent within 2 business days.
If you didn’t get a confirmation e-mail within one business day please let us know accordingly.
What company delivers my coffee?
We ship exclusively with UPS.
Pickup points and send through locations are at your own risk.
Times and price for delivery vary based on where you are located.
Do I get delivery updates?
After we create the label, you’ll receive a tracking number.
If you didn’t get a track & trace e-mail within 2 business days please let us know accordingly.
Can I get free shipping?
Shipping throughout The Netherlands is free is you place an order of at least €40,-

We currently don’t offer free shipping worldwide.
Please ask us about local suppliers.

When is my coffee roasted?
 We only offer freshly roasted coffee, since we work on a roast-to-order basis.
This means we can’t send coffee that has been sitting on the shelves for a couple of weeks.
If I order on Friday, when will I get my coffee?
 If you ordered after 09:00 your coffee will be roasted on Monday. If you ordered before 09:00 it has been processed on Friday.
What tax will I pay?
The webshop will show ex VAT amounts and VAT is calculated at the checkout.
A new EU law demands local taxes are charged for Business to Customer sales, taxes charged are the tax rates on the goods where the goods are shipped to.
Within The Netherlands 9% tax is charged.
Outside EU we charge 0% tax, local tax rate will be paid via import tax.
Tax laws have to be followed and cannot be altered.