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  • origin
  • burundi

  • tastes like
  • black tea

  • orange zest

  • apricots

  • processing
  • washed

We’re eager to announce yet another coffee from Burundi!

This coffee is also coming by way of Long Miles Coffee and was grown on Giku Hill. A long stretch of fifteen kilometers of dirt road lies between the Long Miles Bukeye Washing Station and Giku Hill. You have to cross over two rivers and pass by two province borders to get there. Although there are many small rivers running through this region, the communities that live there have little access to clean drinking water and are far beyond the reach of electricity. Coffee is the most important crop grown on the hill, closely competing with corn and beans. The fringes of the Kibira Forest, Burundi’s only indigenous rainforest, looms fifty-four kilometers in the distance.

Long Miles has been working hard to bring a washing station closer to Giku. Farmers from this region have had to travel long distances of over three hours by foot to bring their coffee to the Bukeye Washing Station. Long Miles has recently bought a piece of land close to Giku to change that and has begun building the Ninga Washing Station.

This particular lot from Giku undergoes a washed process bringing to light notes of apricots, orange zest, black tea!


  • country
  • burundi
  • farm
  • Ninga Washing Station
  • producer
  • Long Miles Coffee
  • region
  • kayanza
  • altitude
  • 1700masl
  • variety
  • Red Bourbon

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