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  • Filter

Gleison de Faria

  • origin
  • brazil

  • tastes like
  • black tea

  • créme brulee

  • yellow plum

  • processing
  • anaerobic natural

We are thrilled to launch another incredible coffee from the JS project in Brazil. Gleison has been growing coffee for years after inheriting his family farm. Once a commodity coffee farm, Gleison has moved into specialty production to get the absolute best out of his coffees.

Since the day that he chose to move into specialty coffee production, Gleison has selectively picked, processed, and carefully dried each and every lot and reinvested each year to improve the farm. His careful attention when it comes to slow drying the coffee on his raised beds has brought out wonderful characteristics that Brazilian coffee is capable of. This lot of catucai 785/15 was fermented for 5 days in an anaerobic tank and then dried over for 30 days before resting for an additional 20 days.

In the cup, we're tasting crème brulee, black tea, and yellow plum!

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Espresso250 gram whole coffee beans
€ 11,50
Espresso500 gram whole coffee beans
€ 21,50
Espresso1000 gram whole coffee beans
€ 42,00
Filter250 gram whole coffee beans
€ 11,50
Filter500 gram whole coffee beans
€ 21,50
Filter1000 gram whole coffee beans
€ 42,00

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  • country
  • brazil
  • farm
  • fazenda bela vista
  • producer
  • gleison de faria
  • region
  • Matas de minas
  • altitude
  • 920 masl
  • variety
  • catucai 785/15

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