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Jose Luis

  • origin
  • ecuador

  • tastes like
  • lime cordial

  • green tea

  • cumquat

  • processing
  • hybrid washed

Hacienda Santa Gertrudis Sidra!

We were thrilled to work with José on this one to bring the coffee through one of our favorite processing methods - hybrid washed! José and his team worked magic with this one - it completely blew us away on the cupping table. To start he placed the the cherries in a closed plastic tank for a 72-hour fermentation period. After this time, the coffee was pulped and fermented for 24 hours before washing it. The results are excellent. We could not be more excited to share this one!

Lime cordial, cumquat, green tea - lets go!!

  • country
  • ecuador
  • farm
  • hacienda santa gertrudis
  • producer
  • josé luis eguiguren
  • region
  • loja
  • altitude
  • 1600-1700masl
  • variety
  • sidra

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