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Panela Sticky

  • origin
  • colombia

  • tastes like
  • white tea

  • pineapple

  • marzipan

  • processing
  • anaerobic double fermentation

Panela Sticky is one of our all time favorites to hit the Exceptional category!

This specific coffee comes via a partnership between Cafe 1959 and Finca El Diamante. Cafe 1959 runs a program where they process cherries from different farms at their La Clarita drying station. They partnered up with El Diamante to make a collab where they wanted to create a product that was sweet, clean, bright, and easy to drink as their main focus.

For this lot, the cherries were collected and put into Grainpro bags in order to start the 13-hour nighttime trip from Huila to Quindio, where the 1959 fermentation and drying facility is located. Traveling during the night helps to control the temperature in the first stage of the fermentation that takes place in the truck.

After arriving in Quindio and completing the initial 24-hour fermentation, the cherries are pulped, then put into closed tanks in order to have another 24 hours of anaerobic fermentation. After this the coffee is washed and rinsed before it is put into a dry closed tank for another 24 hours of fermentation, then washed and rinsed again, followed by drying on raised beds. Here the coffee has a long slow dry that takes around 40 days under shade.

The results are intense sweetness that we cannot get enough of! Anaerobic double fermentation tasting like pineapple, white tea and marzipan!

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  • country
  • colombia
  • farm
  • el diamante
  • producer
  • jose giraldo
  • region
  • huila
  • altitude
  • 1750 masl
  • variety
  • pink bourbon

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