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Elias Maria

  • origin
  • brazil

  • tastes like
  • blackberry

  • cherry jam

  • chocolate biscuits

  • processing
  • Anaerobic natural

Elias Maria once again!

Elias Maria has only been involved in specialty coffee for a short time, but he is already making waves! Elias and his family have a passion that runs deep and his coffee is an amazing display of this!

It really is a special feeling for us to bring you both the Arara and this Catucai back-to-back. This Catucai also undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in drums for 7 days. Once the fermentation process is complete the coffee is dried for 25-30 days before it is left to rest for an additional 30 days in order to achieve its true potential.

The stories behind these fantastic coffees only make them taste that much better and gives us all even more appreciation for all the work that goes on at origin. To quote Elias, “For my family, producing coffee is a great honor! Specialty coffee brings people together, especially families. When we are in the selection process of the coffee my whole family is together, and the conversation between parents and children is so pleasant. This is priceless”

In the cup, you can expect notes of cherry jam, chocolate biscuits and blackberry.

  • country
  • brazil
  • farm
  • sítio cantinho do céu
  • producer
  • Elias Maria de Oliveira
  • region
  • mata de minas
  • altitude
  • 700masl
  • variety
  • Catucaí 785/15

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