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  • origin
  • colombia

  • tastes like
  • red apple

  • grand marnier

  • plumcake

  • processing
  • anaerobic washed

Re-launching this amazing coffee!

Our Feliz Navidad now without mandatory Christmas decorations so you can enjoy it well into the New Year!

As this coffee is indeed something special again from the Café Granja La Esperanza group!

Five farms now make up Café Granja La Esperanza: Cerro Azul, Las Margaritas, La Esperanza, Potosi, and Hawaii. With a reputation for producing competition-winning coffees, processes are matched with varieties to produce unique flavor profiles.

We are bringing you another Mandela, this time it is an anaerobic washed coming from Potosi! The anaerobic washed process starts with an initial sealed fermentation stage, typically for around 48-70 hours before pulping. This is followed by wet processing and mechanical drying. Once the coffee is dried it is transported to a climate-controlled warehouse in Caicedonia, where the cupping lab and QC facility can be found.

Mandela is a self-pollinated selection from Caturra x Caturra, choosing a bean that gave the best characteristics. This was then crossed with the Timor hybrid to provide some resistance to rust, before being crossed again with Ethiopian landrace varietals such as Sudan Rume, Daleco, and Villa Sarchi. The offspring from those were then selected for the best performing and the varietal stabilized, with the resultant trees exhibiting both bronze and green tips.

Expect notes of red apple, plumcake, and Grand Marnier.

  • country
  • colombia
  • farm
  • potosi
  • producer
  • café granja la esperanza
  • region
  • valle del cauca
  • altitude
  • 1430-1760masl
  • variety
  • mandela

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