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Nestor Lasso

  • origin
  • colombia

  • tastes like
  • raspberry

  • rose

  • shortbread

  • processing
  • washed

This coffee from Nestor Lasso in Colombia has been a coffee that we’ve truly been ecstatic to release!

Nestor and his brother Adrian took over their family farm and made the decision to branch out into specialty coffee. The two brothers have teamed up with Johan Vergara to create the farm “El Diviso”, in the Huila region of Colombia. This young team of three is already making waves in the specialty coffee scene.

Together, these three have been able to produce an amazing Typica Mejorado that is sure to have you wanting more. When the coffee is harvested, it is then pulped and left oxidizing with the mucilage for 12 hours. It then underwent submerged fermentation in 28-degree water for 8 hours. To complete the process, the coffee was washed with hot water at 65-70 degrees to create a thermal shock effect. The coffee is dried to a humidity of 11%, which took 18-24 days.

The result is something we cannot wait for you to experience! In the cup, you can expect notes of raspberry, rose, and shortbread.

  • country
  • colombia
  • farm
  • el diviso
  • producer
  • nestor lasso
  • region
  • pitalito
  • huila
  • altitude
  • 1750 masl
  • variety
  • typica mejerado

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